Simple Present Tense dan Present Continuous Tense

Simple Present Tense

Tense ini mempunya fungsi sebagai berikut:

– Factual information : The capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta.

– General truth : Majority of consumers prefer popular brands like Indomie or Nike.

– Routine activities or habits → I always have lunch at 1 pm.

– Timetables or scheduled events : I learn English every Monday.

Adverb of Frequency : always, usually, often, sometimes, occasionally, seldom, rarely, hardly ever, never

Time signals : every …, regularly, routinely, normally, once a week, twice a month

Present continuous tense

Tense ini mempunyai fungsi sebagai berikut:

– Ongoing situations or projects :
I’m studying English right now.
My network isn’t working well because It’s raining now.

– Temporary situations : Mr Subhan is joining an English course this month// during this semester//.

– Trends : The percentage of Netflix’s subscribers is increasing.

– Personal arrangements and plans : I am seeing Mr Andri today.

Buatlah contoh lain untuk masing-masing tenses diatas, berdasarkan fungsi atau kegunaan yang tepat.

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